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Rock concert

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Weekend by the sea

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The suitcase of the moment

For all busy #DAILYHEROS who want to be stylish at all times, IKKS has a man’s look for you that suits each of life’s moments. Browse the smart and casual outfits. Are you looking for a smart outfit for dinner at a chic restaurant? When you next go out with the guys, to you want to impress them with a casual and laid-back look? At the end of the holidays, do you want to mark getting back to the office with an outfit that leaves an impression? With a business trip coming up, are you looking for clothes that will be suitable for it but you’ve got a lot on your plate at the office? You don't have enough time to look for an outfit suitable for your next event or just you want some inspiration to find an outfit for a special occasion? No worries, IKKS has looks that include everything you need from head to toe that help save time: jacket, shirt or T-shirt, trousers, shoes and even accessories if you like to look stylish at any time. Click and follow our lead to quickly find the perfect outfit for each moment of your life: weekend in the country, or time with your family, road trip in Italy, restaurant with the special person in your life, out with the guys, a job interview... All sorts of occasions for which you’ll find your IKKS-Men look. Also find an IKKS selection of men’s basics that all busy #DAILYHEROS should have in their wardrobe to be ready for anything!